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State Approval!!!

Miocene Winery has been granted the first approval ever issued by the California Department of Public Health to use recycled winery wastewater for rough washing of the food contact surfaces of tanks, barrels, and equipment. The approval marks the end … Continue reading

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Miocene Winery Wastewater Recycling

A little winery atop a hill in American Canyon is taking a big step forward in developing the technology to re-use wastewater in the winemaking process. Not long ago, when the California population was lower and water seemed free and easy, it took … Continue reading

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Terrane Terroir and What’s Up with this Purple Dirt Anyway?

As far as we can tell dinosaurs did not drink wine. Yet while the dinosaurs were leaving their bones in the mud farther east in Utah, the dirt that would become Hidden Ridge was being washed into the sea on … Continue reading

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Wine, Volcanoes, and the Dioxides

Making wine teaches important lessons about the wee beastie soup we live in, call it the dim sum. It also holds lessons about Carbon and Sulfur. Carbon and Sulfur were instrumental in the evolution of life on this planet, and … Continue reading

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Why Miocene?

The Miocene is the name of a geological epoch derived from Greek words that generally mean “less recent”. Most geology is “less recent” than our human time frames but “less recent” is a good thing when it comes to big … Continue reading

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